"Towards Independence through the relics of the National Historical Museum"

The calendar of the National Historical Museum is a special anniversary edition, commemorating the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence (1821). It’s part of a  four year Celebration Program, which will culminate in March 2021, in collaboration with cultural institutions and foundations.

The calendar will introduce the public to a remarkable illustrated selection from the Archives of Historical Documents, the Library and the Collections of the National Historical Museum. This is not going to be a general presentation of the dark years of occupation until the liberation, but it will focus on selected wonderful trails and details from this unique time period of our nation’s path to Independence. These trails, tangible pieces of culture, experiential trails, and trails of everlasting heroic deeds, bring to our minds events of this period that marked our recent history.

In its pages you’ll discover a series of relics, trails of the Struggle which led to Independence. The everyday life of the Greeks as subjects of the Ottoman Empire with a silent and gentle preservation of the national consciousness, activities of prosperity, and emblematic events are reflected through these relics.

The objects -indicative of the rich cultural inventory of the National Historical Museum- documented by the museum’s professionals, come from the Archive of Historical Documents, the Library, and its Collections.

In addition, the evolution of the Greek language -in terms of speech, syntax, and expression- from the 16th century until today, is traced through supporting excerpts from archival sources and scientific publications.